A “Good News” post ~ Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter

There is always a lot I can write about in regards to my health but today I just want to say “Happy Easter”

This is such a wonderful time of the year, full of the hope of new life as we remember what Jesus did for us on the cross, dying that we might be saved & rising on the third day to show us that there is life everlasting. For someone with a body that is failing at every opportunity, the joy of knowing that one day I too will have a new life and a new body is so exciting. In the meantime I am still finding new ways to enjoy the life I have now and to never for one moment take it for granted.

However you choose to spend this Easter weekend, I hope it is full of love, peace and joy….oh and of course some chocolate eggs!  I pray that for those of you who are unwell and unable to celebrate Easter as you would like, that you would find the strength to enjoy simple things and use this time to rest and renew as best you can.

Take care

Sam x

John 3 16


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