Healing Words….The Joy of Journaling

It’s no secret I love writing. Throughout my career the thing I loved the most was communication, written and verbal. To me its about connecting, making connections, renewing connections, allowing people into my life. That’s certainly been my goal with my blogging. My public writing is centred around my health journey, the mystery of it all, the onslaught of it all, the victories and the set backs. It’s helping me to make sense of it all, even though even my Specialists are battling with that idea! During my last hospital admission a couple of weeks ago, one of my Specialists came into my room with a concerned look on his face & said, ” did you murder someone in a past life because it doesn’t seem fair to me that such a lovely lady should have to deal with so much”. My response was along the lines of thank goodness I don’t believe in reincarnation!!😄

He was right though, it doesn’t make sense but to think in terms of fair or not fair is not helpful. To be proactive in the midst of it all is helpful & that’s where, for me, writing comes in. Blogging for me is a release, a place to record my medical mystery musings but there is another kind of writing that I do that is healing….Journaling.

My journal is private. It’s where I bear my soul. I tell my journal anything & everything. I write frequently but not regularly. Sometimes once a month, then maybe every week for a while or I might put it aside for a few months. Its where I go when I need to release how I really feel. It captures my highest joys, my deepest hurts, my dreams, my hopes. It is healing.


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