Joy in the Morning

I have just had the night from hell. Pain has soared through every bone, muscle & joint in my body.

I woke from a deep sleep screaming at 2am, causing my husband to jolt upright & run to my side. I couldn’t move any limb. I was rigid with a pain that I am struggling to describe.

Broken. That is the only word that comes close to it. Physically broken.

It was like lying on a bed of nails with bricks placed on top of me & someone standing over me hammering the bricks into my body.

I rarely cry, I didn’t cry last night but I groaned. The pain was too intense to cry.

My husband was again my hero. He made a cup of tea, he sat & chatted with me while we waited for extra pain killers to take the edge off. He loved me through the pain, in the midst of the pain. He was amazing πŸ’—

As I sipped my tea last night I was reminded of a beautiful verse from the Bible;

Joy comes in the morning

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” Psalm 30 v 5


As I mulled over the words of this verse I knew that I would feel joy in the morning. Joy that the night from hell was over. Joy that the sun was shining through my windows. Joy that my morning meds would bring a better level of pain relief.

The thought of that joy to come & knowing that this night of pain & sheer agony would not be forever, brought a sense of calm & hope as I lay back in my bed.

I have woken to sun shining through my window. I do feel joy that the night is over. I can feel my morning meds reducing the severity of my pain. I have laughed with my husband. I have been encouraged by a beautiful post on my support forum, reminding me of one of my favourite hymns:

images (9)

Despite the pain, in the midst of the pain, joy has come in the morning. My hope was not in vain. It is never in vain.

Take care

Sam xx


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20 thoughts on “Joy in the Morning

  1. I whole-heartedly concur with Bree and wish that I too could wave a magic wand and wish your pain away. Your strength, positive attitude and ability to fight on despite the pain is awe inspiring. Lots of love and many hugs x x x x Esther p.s. Peter is also a shining light of awesomeness

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    1. Oh Erin, I’m sorry it made you cry but I hope they were good tears as my song of faith is yours too. You are coping with so much as well. Lots of love my beautiful friend xx πŸ’—

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  2. What an awful experience, and I am so sorry you’ve had to go through it. But you got through it, and you will get through the next episode that life throws at you. Here’s to not having another night like that though, it sounds traumatic. I wish I could say or do something to help but I’ll have to settle for sending you my best wishes and a hug.xx

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  3. I acually think I know what this feels like…this nails pounding through muscle deep into bones kind of pain 😱Definitely nights from hell, those. I am glad you’re feeling a bit better, and thank you for sharing and using your own pain to comfort and inspire others!

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  4. Thanks Sheryl. I don’t like that you know what this pain is like but it is comforting to know that you understand. Thank you for your encouragement xx


  5. I’m sorry you have to endure such pain! I can relate with experiencing joy in the morning because I have had many nights where I’d wake from nightmares or just plain worry. That’s when I get my Bible out and start spending time with God; He gives me comfort through the darkness, when everyone is sound asleep, and gets me into the joy of morning. Thank you for sharing!


  6. How wonderful that your husband can take your mind off your pain while you wait for pain killer to work. I’m so sorry you have to go through so much pain! Praying God’s healing touch in your life.


  7. This experience of mine really doesn’t compare to living with a chronic illness, but I remember the relief you describe when I made it home from the hospital a couple of summers ago after a bout of rocky mountain spotted fever! Best wishes as you cope with this burden.

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  8. Oh, I am so sorry about your level of pain. That sounds excruciating. After I dislocated my hip, I had something go wrong and it woke me up and knocked me unconscious. It was terrifying. Living disabled has been really hard, but I’ve also seen God working in me through it.


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