Surgery List

June 2007 – Total Abdominal Hysterectomy

October 2010 –  Oophorectomy & Adhesiolysis ( Ovaries and Abdominal Adhesions removed)

November 2011 – Rectopexy ~ Repair of internal bowel prolapse and rectocele

September 2012 – Redo Rectopexy repair

February 2013 – Incisional Hernia Repair

November 2013 – Permanent Sigmoid Colostomy

October 2014 – ORIF – An open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) is a  surgery used to fix broken bones. In my case pathological midshaft transverse femur break left leg

June 2015 – Removal of interlocking screw above left knee

August 2015 – Insertion of static screw above knee to stabilise delayed healing femur break

October 2015- Replacement screw surgery – dynamic interlocking screw inserted to encourage healing activity at femur break

February 2016- Internal bone grafting & screw removal in left femur at break site to encourage healing ( original plan was to replace entire rod in femur with new thicker rod but the surgery failed as the hardware had fused and could not be removed)

April 2016- ORIF surgery right femur – rod inserted into right femur as break in that leg was imminent due to bone marrow fibrosis

September 2016 – Insertion of interlocking screw into the rod above left knee to encourage mid shaft femur to heal


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